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*United Nations*

Dr. Piccolo has no formal affiliation with the United Nations but he has considerable experience in working with employees of the UN headquarters in New York City.

If you are an international civil servant working for the UN, it is not an easy task. Dr. Piccolo is well acquainted about experiences reported by UN employees: being uprooted from one nation of origin to adjust into New York; interacting with other expats; missing one’s home country; having long term goals that include new relocations; feeling like an outsider; frustration with career trajectory and more.

All of Dr. Piccolo’s clients who are employees of the UN have enjoyed insurance coverage for Dr. Piccolo’s services. All health plans from the UN include benefits to cover the cost of therapy.

When you inquire here, please mention that you work at the UN.

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Covid Update: Dr. Piccolo's office is open via Telehealth during the pandemic.