Why Therapy


" We are more alike than unalike ". Maya Angelou

Dr. Piccolo specializes in depression and anxiety . Sometimes we are depressed/anxious because of natural events (e.g. a family loss, career challenges, etc...), and other times we feel depressed/anxious without knowing why, as if our mind was hiding the distress source. Whether we are able or unable to make out the reasons of our depression/anxiety, therapy can be a journey of self-discovery to alleviate these problems.

Our need to be heard and deeply listened to has opened the way to professional counseling and made it a well-received method of cure which has increasingly been consolidated in the last few generations. Therapy allows us to put our distress into words making it plain , it allows to share our struggles making them manageable . It allows us to discover that our stories can have better endings . Therapy is about feeling heard while trying to untangle complicated threads of discomfort.

Psychoanalytic therapy, in particular, focuses on the layers of our mental life that are deep and far from our awareness, but still affect our everyday functioning. In therapy, we can aim to find the hidden baggage that burdens our walk of life. Often our work and love relationships are reminiscent of earlier struggling situations, that is, old conflicts to which we can find new solutions in therapy.

Dr. Piccolo practices both psychology and psychoanalysis. The former might be viewed as working with observable behaviors and the latter is about addressing behaviors that tend to hide . The type of therapy practiced by Dr. Piccolo combines the state of the art from both fields, analyzing both what we see about ourselves and the things we are oblivious of , aiming at making our path more walkable .


New York Therapist

Michele Stefano Piccolo, PhD

125 East 23rd Street, Suite 304.

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